Roofer-Express believes you should have a beautiful roof; One that you can depend on.  We consider ourselves a family-oriented business and we consider you family too.

We all pay insurance just in case something happens and when something does happen most homeowners find the insurance claim process exhausting and tedious. Roofer-Express does this on a day to day basis; we will happily help you manage and navigate the insurance claim process in an efficient manner, making sure you get the entire value your claim deserves.

Roofer-Express will help guide you through the insurance claim process.

Here are our seven simple steps:

  1. Call Roofer-Express for a free roof inspection at 770-967-9111
  2. When the inspection is completed and if there is substantial damage to your roof; we will inform you how to file a claim with your insurance company.
  3. Once the claim has been filed, your insurance adjuster will call you directly to schedule a meeting, upon which Roofer-Express will represent you so that no damage is over looked. Remember to schedule this meeting at your convenience.
  4. Upon approval, your Roofer-Express Specialist will present you with shingle options. Please double check with your HOA prior to this meeting in case there are any limitations to your roof.
  5. Once you and your Roofer-Express Specialist reach an understanding, your ‘build day’ will be scheduled.
  6. Weather permitting your new roof should be complete within 2 days. Upon completionRoofer-Express will email and/or fax you and your insurance company a copy of the Certificate of Completion. This will close your file with your insurance company.